2 Techniques That Will Drain Others of Their Chips

If you want to win more money playing poker online, you have to be able to loosen that hold your opponents have on their chips. If you watch for a while, you will see the same players doing the same things and winning the same large pots. Here are some tips to help you win more money playing poker online.

Staying Around at Low Limit Tables
Even though you can go all in at low limit tables, you can only start your bankroll at a predetermined amount. So let us say for example that you start playing with $50 max buy in, so you sit with $50 as your chip count. If you slowly build up that total to $80 and the new players are buying in at $50, you are already looked at as the table leader and these new players with less chips will tend to respect you big bets more often. Even if you have junk, if you push all your chips and make that other player have to make a decision for all their chips, 9 out of 10 times they will fold and fight another day, and you walk away with an easy pot that stacks up in your bankroll.

Switch Up Your Actions
Never give other players the chance to identify patterns in your play or they will start chipping away at your stack. What you have to do is bet differently every round. Bet fast one round with junk and nuts, then next round bet slow with all your hands. Push all in with the nuts and then slow play the nuts. The key here is making it really hard for another player to try and get a read and then attack your play. The longer you play, the harder it will be to spot your tells.

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